AF Pipe Solutions offers full double piping arrangements with the AF Flex double pipe product line, delivering a full set of double pipe spools from basic line routings, or to exact customer requirements from isometric drawings. The AF Flex double pipe product line is a compact double wall pipe design, where the inner pipe is installed in the outer pipe using the inner pipe Flex Support, inner pipe Flex Anchor, and inner pipe Flex Bend. The annular space is open at both ends allowing for the possibility of ventilation, or closing one end to apply vacuum insulation.

AF pipe solutions provides extensive documentation to the customer for installation of the pipe spools. The unique procedures provided by AF Pipe solutions deliver an added value to the project. The pipe spools are welded together with this unique guidance, and special tooling only available from AF Pipes. The piping arrangement is to be designed carefully in accordance with the pipe support specifications in order to achieve a robust double wall pipe design.

AF Flex Double Pipe

Please see a brief summary below for the AF Flex product line. All components are thoroughly tested in service conditions, and worse. Materials are sourced from trustworthy suppliers to always ensure the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes are used. All products are supplied with specifications ready for use, and assembly procedures to ensure safe and reliable installations. We are always working to develop new products, and will add them to this page as they become available.

Inner pipe Flex support

- New: Now available for 3" outer pipe with up to 1½" inner
- For high installation reliability and cost down on standard installations with 4" outer pipes
- 3" outer pipe not only reduces material costs, but also space requried for installation

Attention !

Specfications for the specific support size must be checked against piping design, and if necessary applied with the Flex bend, or similiar concept

Flex anchor

- Safe and robust inner pipe anchor solution
- Forget about welded supports which crack easily
- Improved stress transitions at the weld zones
- Weld zones accounted for in the design
- Allows for higher radial displacement parameters at bends /inner pipe

Flex bend

With the use of the flex bend you can design a double wall pipe, as you would a single wall pipe arrangement. This is due to the big deflection rate that is built into the flex bend. Typically from +/- 10 mm to +/- 20mm deflection of inner pipe .

Available as complete module or as parts for shop assembly