Double Wall Plate Heat Exchanger

AF Pipes is pleased to offer a range of double wall plate heat exchangers. Plate heat exchangers provide a reasonable trade-off between safety and cost, and are suitable for many less demanding applications. These standard products  provide a method of preventing cross contamination by leaking using double plates with an air gap venting to atmosphere. Therefore there is no means of fluid containment, and there is typically a visual form of leakage detection for these types of double wall heat exchanger.


Picture courtesy Kaori

Double Wall Braised Plate Heat Exchanger

In slightly more demanding applications, particularly in higher temperature or pressure applications, where a gasketed heat exchanger is undesirable, then a braised plate HEX is a good choice. It is also preferred for low maintenance applications such as domestic users. AF Pipes offers a range of braised plate heat exchangers from Kaori ™. For more information please see the datasheet below or their website 


Courtesy Kaori

 Double Plate Gasketed Heat Exchanger

For the most undemanding applications, and where capital investment is the primary focus, then the standard double wall plate heat exchanger with a variety of gasket materials and plate configurations is offered.  Bi-annual maintenance intervals should be expected, and we recommend to keep stock of spare gaskets.

Please also note on many conventional designs there is no double wall safety at the inlet or outlet to plate connections , as these are only typically sealed off by one gasket only. AF Pipes applies a special design for dual gasketing, and gasket leakge detection failure (visual) in this area for full double wall safety.