Double Wall Pipe Design process

The key to a successful double wall pipe design and installation, is to have a well defined pipe design process from the start, with good co-operation from the client. The design must take into account all external and internal criteria , which requires experience and expertise.

First stage of the design process

- Piping center line to be provided by customer

- We provide a formal offer to the customer

- On acceptance of the offer, detailed double wall pipe design process starts

Detailed Double Wall Pipe Design

Required information from customer:
- Confirmed piping centre line
- Hull movements, vibrations
- Background geometry for support locations of outer pipe

Detailed design of double wall piping starts after kick off meeting

Placement of inner and outer supports, fix and flex

Double wall pipe design iterations with piping stress analyses

Double wall pipe design fixed in co-operation with shipyard

Design approval from class

On going improvement

We are a innovation driven company, with continuous improvement to our service and design.
We identify potential issues before they occur, and improve the design accordingly. WIth our combination of innovation, design, engineering, and test procedures we will always find the best solutions for our customer.