AF Flex Bend

The flexible bend module is a double wall pipe support, that is essentially a compensator which has been that is built into double wall pipe bends. The reason for this is that due too high pressures, it is often not possible to produce a standard compensator for double wall piping, so AF Pipe Solutions have developed the flexible bend concept, whereby the bend module is in built compensation mechanisms, to allow for a high degree of radial displacment after the bend. The flex bends is applied when the degree of displacement in the piping system is too large for the standard inner pipe flex supports, as the type of inner pipe flex supports are limited by the radial displacements specified in the documentation provided with the inner flex supports. If the piping designer comes to the conclusion, after calculating complete displacements in the piping systems that the piping design is not able to comply with the specifications for the inner pipe flex supports, AF Pipes Solutiosn recommends the application of the unique double wall pipe support flex bend, to allow for large radial displacments in the piping system.

When applied in conjunction with the inner pipe anchors, and the inner pipe flex supports the double wall piping arrangement can be designed for almot any situation with an extremely robust solution, and 100% control of the inner and outer pipes in the double wall piping arrangement. The flex compensator is delivered as pre-made double wall pipe bends, and is available in many different shapes and sizes, please enquire now for your specific requirements.