About Us and Alternative Fuels

AF pipes’ core sector of expertise is double wall piping, double wall piping systems, double wall components, and bespoke secondary barrier products from customer requests for alternative fuels. In addition to a highly specialised product portfolio, AF pipes offers  a professional world wide delivery service, providing turnkey double wall gas pipe arrangements, and on-site assistance.

AF Pipe Solutions will save your company time and money by installing the right product first time, and eliminating costly re-work of double wall piping AF pipes ensures the highest quality product, and has expertise to make it happen. The staff of AF Pipes have been working with fuels and alternative fuels for over 15 years in various industries, and although  AF Pipe Solutions is a young company, it is driven by world leading specialists in the field of double wall design, manufacturing, and installations. From experience gained in the oil and gas industry, and maritime environmnet, working with design and installation of gas systems AF Pipe Solutions has been founded to to deliver the best quality products on the market today.


Alternative Fuels

Whilst the name Alternative Fuels is used in many situations, from an engineering perspective it describes fuels that often have a low flashpoint, whereby they evaporate easily at ambient conditions, and quickly form an ignitable air/fuel mixture. Alterantive fuels thereby have an inherent ability of to produce a hazardous environment. Depending on specific regulations that may be applied on a territory, or in a specific industry or standard, a fuel with a low flashpoint can encompass many different fuels. In fact gasoline or petrol can also be described as a low flashpoint fuel in some industries. The common factor with all alternative fuels, is the vaporisation of the fuel at ambient conditions leads to a mixture of fuel vapour and oxygen in the atmosphere, which creates the potential for an explosion. Therefore alternative fuels are often considered hazardous, and therefore extra precautions are taken when handling these fuels. In many industries the use of a secondary barrier is mandatory, in order to prevent release of fuel vapour into the atmosphere. The secondary barrier often takes the form of a double wall, that is an extra wall in addition to single wall whereby the secondary wall is designed to the same conditions as the primary wall, thus creating a complimentary layer of extra security.

In order to establish whether or not the primary wall is functioing correctly, that is there are no leaks of vapour releases, there is often some form of leakage detection in the space between the primary and secondary walls. This space is known as the annular space, and leakage detection in the annular space can be based on pressure, temperature, or a hydrocarbon sensor specifically calibrated to detect the alternative fuels being used in that application.



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