Double Wall Pipes and Components

AF Pipe Solutions is focused on safety. Double wall pipes and double wall components provide a secondary barrier to enable safe installations in hazardous areas. AF Pipe Solutions has the relevant expertise to execute technically challenging projects. Please take a few minutes to browse the services and products available from AF Pipe Solutions which extend from small component deliveries, to full engineering packages of double wall systems.

AF Pipe Solutions is heavily focused on providing the highest quality available, without compromising on material specifications, or production processes. Therefore fully transparent documentation, and traceability is always available to customers. AF Pipe Solutions own processes will often exceed regulatory requirements, and due to critical nature of these hazardous arrangements AF Pipe wiill be pleased to advise the most robust and safest methodologies for installations and operations.

AF Pipe Solutions offers unique products, and unique solutions, and is always interested to enter development projects, or introduce new ideas that are normally based on existing and well proven designs. There are typically 2-3 products under development, so if you cannot find what you need then please enquire. As the world searches for cleaner energy sources, new opportunities present themselves.