AF Flex Centraliser

There are three different types of AF Flex Centraliser available all with slightly different applications. The original centraliser was developed to fit larger pipe sizes, where it became impractical to use AF Flex support design on pipe sizes generally above 8″ (DN200) inner pipe size. This is referred to as the Type A centraliser in the brochure.  The Type A centraliser offers a high stiffness, and large degree of flexibility in the radial direction, but is a more complicated construction, and therefore more expensive product. On pipe sizes greater than 8″ or DN200 it is recommended to use the Type A centraliser where a large amount of radial displacement is required (for example around bends) , and then use the more economical Type B centraliser for axial displacement only.

AF Flex Centraliser Type A


The Type B centraliser is a very cost-effective and simple centraliser, that clamps around the inner pipe allowing free movement in the axial direction. The Type B centraliser has a high stiffness, but very small amount of radial displacement available, primarily suitable for dealing with vibrations and the like rather than thermal displacements. Due to the nature of the design it is recommended to make a small weld to fix them in position on the inner pipe.


AF Flex Centraliser Type B


The Type C centraliser is the most economical product from AF Pipes, made entirely from HDPE for non cryogenic applications, or GRP for cryogenic applications. The novel design allows for small vibrations and movements, whilst maintaining centrality of the inner pipe. Please enquire separately about this product as it is still in development phase, and will be available in all dimensions in the near future.