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  • Double Wall Leakage Detection

    An article has been published on linkedin briefly describing the function of double wall leakage detection; website page   is also updated with this information.

  • New distribution agreement

    AF Pipe Solutions IVS is pleased to announce it has entered into a new distriubtion agreement in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands with Jan Niermans, European market specialist :

  • Double Wall Heat Exchangers

    An article has been published on linkedin briefly describing the purpose of double wall heat exchangers; website page is also updated with this information

  • Ultra Compact Double Wall Pipe in Pipe

    Double wall pipe , or pipe in pipe, can result in some large space allowance for piping installations. As long as there is no limit on the amount of space available then…

  • Double Wall Component Testing

    Without going into too much detail, I’d much rather see 500,000 cycles on a test bench, than a supercomputer running an engineering simulation based on algorithms. The value of validated simulations is…

  • Double wall pipe design

    Double wall pipe design is not rocket science. However, it is more complicated than designing piping arrangements for traditional single pipe systems. In the prefect world, a double wall piping system could…

  • AF Pipes blog is up & running

    Content is king, and now that social selling is growing exponentially in importance it is about time that AF pipes gets going with it own blog. This is a test message to…